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Bunny Hill – Designer Toys and Decor Items For Children’s Rooms

If you’re looking for an online shop where you can buy quality designer toys for your children, Bunny Hill is worth a look. The products from this company are designed with beauty in mind, using sustainable materials and featuring simple visual language. They make great gifts for children and adults alike. Here are some of our favorites. The best part: you can choose any item from a range of brands.

Looking for beautiful children’s furniture and decor items? Then you’ve probably heard of Bunny Hill. This designer’s work is both whimsical and functional. Their collections are sure to inspire children’s imaginations. Here are some of our favorite pieces from their store. Here are some other ideas to decorate your child’s room. If you want to add a playful element to your child’s room, consider purchasing a Bunny chair or ottoman. https://bunnyhill.ru

Bunny Hill has a vast collection of Scandinavian brands. The brand’s logo was previously clean and recognizable, but has been modernized with smooth, rounded shapes. Traditional Swedish design is synonymous with the color white, which lends a warm and friendly atmosphere. In addition, the company’s packaging concept and official website have also been refreshed. We believe you’ll love the new look.

Another designer to consider is Herend, a luxury company. They create gorgeous figurines that will be a focal point for your holiday decor. Their centerpiece features yellow and purple African violets in a wicker basket. Another unique piece is a ceramic egg shaped like the eggs of a Robin bird. These eggs are displayed in baskets and bowls for a touch of springtime charm.

For a unique look for your child’s room, consider adding a Bunny Hill toy. The online store offers a variety of decor items for kids’ rooms from designer brands to local craft shops. You can also choose furniture, including the Bunny Chair and an ottoman with built-in storage. If your child is a visual learner, consider purchasing a Bunny Hill bookend or activity center.

With its Scandinavian designs, Bunny Hill is one of the premier online shops for children’s room decor and toys. The Scandinavian design aesthetic is evident in all of the products available, from toys to accessories to tableware. Earlier, the Bunny Hill logo was a simple and unobtrusive graphic, but a recent redesign has updated the logo and brand. The white color is a traditional Swedish design element and imparts a welcoming atmosphere. The website and packaging concept were also completely revamped to reflect the new branding.