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Which Are the Best Sleeping Meds?

The best sleeping meds for insomniacs are usually DHEA, melatonin and Valerian. These three drugs work synergistically with each other to help a person sleep soundly at night. However, some people suffer from side effects from taking these drugs. Therefore it is essential that you consult a physician before taking any of these. Moreover, insomniacs also need to know that the sleep medications they take should not be taken in isolation.

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As with any type of medication, if you are taking DHEA in isolation, it can lead to severe side effects. The risks include liver damage and kidney damage, enlargement of the heart and increased blood pressure. Before you start taking these medications, inform your doctor about your current insomnia condition. In addition, inform your doctor about all the other prescription and over-the-counter medicines you are currently taking. Drugs Without Prescription

Valerian is one of the best sleeping meds for insomniacs. Its most common form of action is to relax the muscles of the body. Because it reduces spasms it also provides relief from insomnia. However, if you have allergies or heart problems, you should avoid using this. Do not take Valerian along with alcoholic beverages.

Melatonin is another anti-alzeobic agent. Its action is related to the body’s circadian rhythms. If you feel fatigued during the day, you might get sleepy during the night. On the other hand, melatonin has few side effects, but it can cause fatigue.

When it comes to the benefits of melatonin, it all boils down to one fact. This drug helps you sleep at night when you are suffering from insomnia. It helps you sleep faster so you can wake up feeling refreshed. It is also a natural antihistamine, which means that it can prevent allergy symptoms during the night and in the morning.

The best sleeping meds should have the above benefits as well as minimal side effects. You need to consult your doctor before taking any sleeping medication. The doctor will help you decide how to go about taking the meds. This article only covers some of the common choices.

Valerian is another popular choice for those who want to take the best sleeping meds. It comes in various forms, including tea or capsules. Some people find that drinking a glass of wine with Valerian tea before going to bed helps them relax and sleep better. The herbal ingredients in Valerian make it a safe choice for relaxation and sleeping.

Other medications are available as over the counter supplements. They have fewer side effects and are less likely to cause dependency. Common choices for over the counter supplements are melatonin and Valerian. You can buy these drugs over the counter at your local drug store.

When it comes to the best sleeping meds, there are many options out there. These options can range from herbal remedies to drugs. Some of the most popular drugs are drowsiness, tranquilizers, and sedatives. Some of the least popular are muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety medication. You should consult with your doctor to decide which option is right for you.