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Lancaster Community in Crisis Finds Help Through Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Trauma Therapy

LANCASTER, PA – Painful past incidents can negatively influence a person’s life and often leave long haul emotional scars. The most well-known types of trauma incorporate anguish or injury over lost friends and family, PTSD identified with a demonstration of brutality, panic and phobia issues, and uneasiness coming about because of negative couples or family communications. Luckily, scientifically proven treatments have been created as of late. They demonstrate consistent, successful results for a large number of psychological issues.

Clinical vs. Counseling Psychology: What's the Difference?

One of the most current treatments accessible is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, or EMDR. This injury therapy, referred to all the more normally as EMDR Therapy, has been demonstrated to be quite possibly the best treatment treating these types of injury. Moreover, the techniques of EMDR can work with singular customers, couples, or inside a gathering to assist those having confronted a group experienced injury, like a mass shooting.

Sun Point Wellness Center is satisfied to declare they have a full group of qualified and affirmed specialists who are fully prepared to employ the practice of EMDR. The positive reaction from customers has been amazing, and there are designs set up to have a substantial portion of the counseling center’s training staff prepared in this specific treatment by September.

The Sun Point Wellness current counselors prepared in practicing EMDR include:

-Exec Director: Laura Morse, M.ED, LPC – Certified Sex Therapist, Gottman Level 3 Couples Therapist

 – Exec. Director of Clinical Services: Breesha Comish, MS, LMFT

– Dir. of Pro Bono and Sliding Scale Services, Shadena Natty, BA,MS,CAADC,MA, LPC Primary Therapist

 – Reg. Primary Therapist Yanina Marti, MSW, LCSW, CCTP, RPT

“Our patients have discovered EMDR treatment to be extraordinarily useful,” said Laura Morse, Executive Director of Sun Point Wellness. “The treatment tracks eye development and assists the customer with reprocessing internal contemplations and dealing with their injury, taking essential steps towards mending.”

EMDR treatment doesn’t need clients to share private insights concerning the troubling issue during a meeting. For some customers, this treatment can be immediately transformative and is finished in less meetings than different kinds of talk therapy and advising.

G-TEP (Group Traumatic Episode Protocol ) and R-TEP (Recent Traumatic Episode) EMDR treatment is offered at Sun Point Wellness in Lancaster, PA, too. It monitors a reciprocal leftright movement of the eyes, while considering and remembering the past personal injury. This treatment permits the cerebrum to shape new, versatile responses. The disturbing experience is recollected, yet the tension, alarm or overwhelming reaction from the first occasion is settled.

Sun Point Wellness Center is a full help treatment work on offering G-TEP and R-TEP EMDR treatment. Their counselors and therapists are likewise prepared in everything from teen crisis treatment to marriage mentoring. To schedule EMDR treatment or to learn more, visit http://SunPointWellness.com.


About Sun Point Wellness Center The team at the Sun Point Wellness Center specializes in marriage counseling, LGBTQ therapy, EMDR, and couples therapy to improve relationships and heal sexual issues. Our mission is to encourage clients to create their most fulfilling life.


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