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Company Formation in Switzerland in 2022

When setting up a company, Swiss companies must have a Swiss registered office. In addition to the domicile address, a Swiss company must also register with the Trade Register. VAT registration is mandatory, even if the business is not selling any goods or services. The process to set up a company in Switzerland is not complicated. The initial steps include choosing a unique name, preparing the documents, and registering with the Trade Registry.

Why incorporate a company in Switzerland?

For larger entities, a stock corporation is the most appropriate form of company incorporation. To form a stock corporation in Switzerland, three founders must sign a deed of incorporation. The shareholders elect the board of directors, which makes the day-to-day decisions. A committee of supervisors oversees the operations of the board of directors. There is no minimum capital requirement to incorporate a partnership in Switzerland. company incorporation switzerland

If you have more than one person involved in the business, you can incorporate your business as a general partnership. This type of business entity requires no capital and is operated by a group of people. Like a sole proprietorship, it does not require limited capital, but all partners must be residents of Switzerland. Furthermore, if your company’s name is a first name, it will have to be changed to make it obvious that it is a corporation.

The two types of company incorporation in Switzerland are limited liability companies and a general partnership. A limited liability company is ideal for sole proprietorships and small businesses. A general partnership requires only one partner and is ideal for business owners who are looking to set up a business in a new country. It is also important to note that a general partnership requires a Swiss address and that all partners must be residents of Switzerland. A limited liability company is the best option for a sole proprietor and does not require a limited amount of capital.

A limited liability company is a legal entity in Switzerland. It requires at least two shareholders and CHF 20,000 in share capital. The members’ liability is capped at their contribution to the company’s capital. A Swiss company has a general meeting of shareholders, which is led by a director. There must be at least one resident in Switzerland to run the company. Its management is established by a board of directors, which are a majority of the shareholders.

A Swiss corporation must have a distinctive firm name. The name is up to you, but it must be free from any untruthful or misleading wording. A Swiss corporation may choose any name that it chooses. Only the owner of the company can decide which one it should use. A limited liability company can also be owned by more than one individual. If the owner of the company is a sole proprietor, the company should have a separate board and director.