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Alpicool C15 – An Auto-Refrigerator For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an auto-refrigerator like the Alpicool C15 may be the ideal choice. It can function as both a freezer and a refrigerator and comes in three sizes. Unlike other types of coolers, Alpicools don’t need ice to chill the contents and therefore don’t require additional space to store ice packs. This makes them perfect for travel and outdoor activities.

Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator 16 Quart(15 Liter) Vehicle, Car, Turck,  RV, Boat, Mini Fridge Freezer for Travel, Outdoor and Home use -12/24V DC  and 110-240 AC : Amazon.ca: Home

Alpicool C15 has a sleek LCD panel that’s located on the right corner. It is designed to be easily accessible from a distance. It has easy-to-read controls for the temperature, power settings, and USB port. It is also shockproof, so it will withstand any sudden jerks. Even if your car is on a bumpy road, it won’t cause any damage to your unit. автохолодильник alpicool

Alpicool C15’s compact design allows it to fit easily in any vehicle. It has a sleek, easy-to-use LCD panel on the right corner. The unit has a convenient power button and an LED display for displaying temperatures. You can choose the temperature range between -4degF and 50degF, which means you can store a variety of items. Whether you’re traveling, fishing, or driving, the Alpicool C15 will work for you.

Alpicool C15 has an ergonomically designed, sleek LCD panel on the right corner. This LCD panel makes it easy to operate the unit. It includes settings for the temperature, power, and USB port. It is a durable and shockproof unit that can withstand bumpy roads. In addition, the LCD panel comes with a shockproof feature for added protection. It is resistant to bumps and jerks and is designed to last.

The Alpicool C15’s LCD panel is a smart way to control temperature settings and access to the unit. The buttons on the top of the unit are designed to allow for the user to switch between the high- and low-temperature settings without removing the lid. This will allow the consumer to set the temperature range they need. The Alpicool C15 is a great option for drivers, fishermen, and anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits.

The Alpicool C15 is a stylish auto-refrigerator that provides reliable refrigeration. It can run on a 12V or 24V car battery and even works as a true freezer. Its 3-stage car battery protection system also makes it very quiet. With an Alpicool C15, you can relax and listen to your music without worrying about your fridge’s noise level.

Alpicool is an excellent choice for those who love to travel. It is much cheaper than the competition, and it offers a lot of flexibility. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is compatible with both AC and DC power. You can use it virtually anywhere you want. You can buy the Alpicool C15 in two different sizes: the smallest model, which is also the cheapest, is available in two sizes. The Alpicool C15 has 16 Quarts (15L) version.