What’s Behind Your Baby’s Eczema?

A site about health beauty parenting, personal growth and a happy life? I can assure you that if it is, then this article is worth your time. There is a lot of information out there that parents can use to make their children’s skin look better. Here are a few things I found on a site about health beauty parenting, personal growth and a happy life.

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If you’ve ever wondered what is behind your baby’s diaper rash, you’re not alone. More parents are wondering the same thing. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that studies show that as many as one out of every three parents worries about their child’s skin each day. The report also shows that a disturbing number of parents have been trying to treat the problem themselves. Whether they have had success is dependent upon how you address the issue. в статье

A site about health beauty parenting, personal growth and a happy life offer an answer to the question “What is behind your baby’s rash?” In this article you will be introduced to a program called Allergy and Asthma Smart Skin Care. This program was created by allergy expert and immunologist, Dr. Helen Koffman. She found that the most common cause of diaper rash is an allergic reaction to one or more substances found in contact with your baby.

Dr. Koffman recommends that you avoid a variety of substances found in so many of the baby care products available today. Some of them are: artificial preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, lanolin, polyethylene glycol (PEG), dioxane, triclosan and PHD. Some of these substances are naturally occurring in plants and animals but may be transferred through insect bites, skin to skin contact, inhalation and through consumption. When you read what’s behind your baby’s rash, you will be provided with a list of substances that you should avoid. Allergy tests can determine if your particular allergies are reacting to one or more of the substances on this list.

What’s behind your baby’s rash can also be found on this site about health beauty parenting, personal growth and a happy life. According to Koffman, the best approach for allergy prevention is through the use of hypoallergenic soaps and lotions. She points out that when doctors recommend a sunscreen or lotion to a patient with asthma, there is no proof that the product is actually causing that allergic reaction in the patient. In fact, many patients have noted that they were able to sleep through the entire shower when they applied an allergy-free lotion. It is important, however, to remember that everyone has different body chemistry so even if something works for one person, it may not necessarily work for another. The best approach to treating allergies is through trial and error, as it is in building trust with your family and your child.

Another aspect of what’s behind your baby’s skin problems can be found on this site about health beauty parenting, personal growth and a happy life. It is common knowledge that babies are fragile and sensitive. They have weak immune systems which are incapable of protecting their tiny bodies from the dangers of the world around them. Koffman offers advice on how to create a safe environment for your baby by following safety guidelines while taking him out. She also shares the results of her research, which you can learn about at the bio-bio link in the resource box below.


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